Idiagram is a small consulting firm dedicated to the application of systemic analysis and mapping to facilitate understanding, alignment, and strategy-making for complex multi-stakeholder problems.

There is growing recognition that the ‘root-cause’ of many intractable problems we face is in fact a dynamic intertwining network of multiple causes – that the problems we’re wrestling with are the emergent result of interconnected social, political, economic, and technical forces. To engage effectively with these kinds of systemic challenges, and drive the multiple changes required to solve them, we need tools and approaches tailored to the task. Using the conceptual and visual tools of systems thinking & mapping, Idiagram works with teams facing multi-faceted problems to:

  1. Think clearly and systemically about complex strategic challenges
  2. Apply systems theory & systems mapping to build a shared understanding
  3. Develop broad strategic insight and identify high-leverage opportunities for action
  4. Engage effectively with the diverse stakeholders who must be part of implementing a coherent system-change strategy

Idiagram was founded in 1996 by Marshall Clemens and has worked with an array of government, corporate, and non-profit organizations, including: Foresight (BIS, UK Government), US DOD, Unisys, BAE Systems, Monitor Group, Nike, the Nike Foundation, Aviva, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Moore Foundation, Tellus Mater Foundation.

Marshall Clemens

I've always been interested in the intersection of art and science, which steered me towards a degree in photographic science and engineering. That education that provided a firm grounding in science and engineering – if not art – and gave me an appreciation for careful evidence-based design thinking. After working at a number technology companies, I founded Idiagram in 1996; turning my attention from the engineering of high-tech gizmos to the ‘engineering’ of complex socio-technical systems.