The Art of Systems Thinking
Systems Mapping
for Complex Challenges
Idiagram provides systemic analysis, systems mapping, and strategic consulting services to help our clients:

1 ) Think Clearly and systemically about complex problems
2 )
Engage Diverse Stakeholders who must be part of the solution
3 )
Communicate Effectively with the people who must act on those problems

We work with teams facing complex multi-faceted problems to:

  • Build a sophisticated systemic understanding of complex issues and opportunities
  • Develop broad strategic insight
  • Design more creative solutions
  • Build shared vision, ownership, and enthusiasm
  • Communicate effectively with others

Doing these things well, and the synergy of doing them together, can have a profound impact on team knowledge, morale, and coordination.

Our approach revolves around the use of systems thinking and systems mapping to facilitate better thinking, communication and coherent action.

Our visual modeling process serves as a tool to help our clients:

    Think Clearly
Think clearly about the complex issues that are impeding progress. By mapping the elements of the problem, visual models reveal the system we're trying to change and enable us to generate a broader, clearer, and deeper understanding. By giving us a tangible model to work with, visual models can empower us to design more creative and effective solutions.
    Think Together
We help teams forge a clear and coherent picture of their varied knowledge and diverse perspectives. Visual models catalyze more efficient conversations and provide a common map of the issues in question. The process of visual modeling – of thinking together –  can help teams realize the synergy of their collective knowledge, and inspire them to move forward with a shared sense of understanding, ownership and purpose.
    Communicate Effectively
Ideas live or die by how well they're communicated. A well-structured visual story can help communicate your ideas in a clear and compelling way. Good graphics can focus your audience's attention and instill your ideas as visual-concepts: images that capture the essence of your ideas and that will be remembered long after your words have faded.
    Generate Shared Vision & Coherent Action
Systems maps are not ends in themselves but tools for creating understanding and action. Inspiring coherent action – motivating people to self-organize and work in concert towards a common goal – requires shared vision. That shared vision – a common understanding of the issues, the goals, and the means to achieve them – is the source from which sustainable and coherent action flows.
    Put It All Together

Idiagram services include research, systemic analysis and mapping, facilitation of group strategic thinking, and design of communication materials. We function as thinking-partners to help our clients deal with complex strategic issues and generate multi-stakeholder engagement and alignment. We create visual models that bring knowledge and people together - creating understanding, insight, agreement and action.





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